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Date:   2010-07-01
Web:   No disponible
Licence:   Freeware
Language:   English
Size:   1 Mb
Downloads   1297

GMail Reader


Gmail Notifier is a practical application by means of which we can keep up with the e-mails entering our Gmail account inbox without us having to log in to the website every time.

Gmail Notifier can manage 5 Gmail accounts in simultaneous. It not only notifies us when we receive an e-mail but also shows its heading.

It also enables us to mark an e-mail as read or delete it directly from its interface. Gmail Notifier is the application you must have if you have a Gmail account.


In order to use GMail Reader you have to meet the following system requirements:


* Operative System: Vista


Minimum System Requirements:


* Pentium® IV 1 Ghz / RAM: 512 MB

MySoftPack informs that GMail Reader 1.3 must be used according to rules of intellectual property and the current penal code. MySoftPack does not allow the use of cracks, serial numbers, keygens, and exempts itself from any responsibility from the inadequate use of this software.

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MySoftPack does not belong to an affiliation network. Downloaded software has to be used according to copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property regulation in use. A version of this software can be downloaded for free in the developer´s official website. Craks, keygens and serials are not allowed. This site is not responsible for an inappropriate use of downloaded software.